Comprehensive Outpatient Addictions Treatment Centers
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Brooklyn: (718) 342-6700
M - F: 9a - 9p, S: 9a - 2p


The Professionals Program is our effort to provide information, education, support and treatment for the many accomplished individuals struggling with addiction and/or emotional issues. Realization Center creates and maintains an atmosphere of safety and comfort which is necessary to anyone who seeks assistance for addiction and related emotional issues.


The Professionals Program is unique and tailored to meet the needs of the Professional community. The Program provides assessment, group, individual  and couples counseling for people experiencing difficulty with the following:

  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency
  • Employment Issues
  • Sober Socialization
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Couples Conflict Resolution
  • Intimacy & Relationship Issues

  • Family Issues
  • Sexuality
  • Crisis Interventions
  • Legal Issues
  • Social Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics Issues


Flexible hours that work around your work schedule.
Couples/ Family Counseling to address the affect of addiction on the family as a whole.
Counseling to help set healthy boundaries professionally and personally.
Guidance to navigate work-related social functions where drugs and alcohol may be present. 

Our medical/ psychiatric staff provides dual diagnosis services for those seeking assistance for addiction along with psychological or emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar illness and bereavement/ loss.


Using weekly group and individual psychotherapy, Realization Center aims to provide psychoeducation to clients and families on how to manage a program of recovery while maintaining a professional lifestyle. We teach individuals how to cope with career stressors without turning to substances and how to address feelings of stigma and shame about their addiction.

The Professionals Program is staffed by LMSWs, CASACs, LMHCs and MDs who are experts in the fields of substance abuse and mental health. We recognize that the professional client is a hard-working, accomplished individual that may look at addiction as a failure or a weakness. Some believe they have had so much discipline in their lives to accomplish and be successful, but have not been “strong” enough to conquer their addictions. It is our mission to provide a confidential, safe and non-judgmental environment to address some of these myths and offer a genuine path to recovery.

Our individualized program looks at the professional’s recovery closely to address work and family time constraints. A 12-step philosophy is an inherent part of the clinical program while group therapy, individual counseling, couples counseling and chemical dependency education constitute the psychodynamic core of the Center’s approach.

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