Comprehensive Outpatient Addictions Treatment Centers
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Realization Center is unique with its treatment for drug, alcohol and food addiction because of its depth of experience in identifying special needs, which if not addressed, serve as relapse triggers.

This requires a skilled assessment; a treatment plan that reflects a thoughtful, realistic plan of action based on the individual client’s particular needs; a structure in which the client feels cared for and is required to have a serious level of accountability; and a staff of dedicated professionals who convey to their clients that recovery and positive change is possible and achievable.



Chemical Dependency

Realization Center is a pioneer in the treatment of chemical dependency. For the past 30 years, we have been offering specialized addiction treatment to the community. Learn More

Professionals Program

Our effort to provide information, education and support for the many accomplished individuals struggling with addiction and/or emotional issues. Learn More

Adolescent and Young Adults Program

We offer outpatient services that include psychotherapy, support groups, alcohol and drug education, relapse prevention, anger management, meditation and stress management. Learn More

Dual Diagnosis Program

The Dual Focus program is unique and specifically tailored to meet the needs of those with co-morbid disorders. It is designed for individuals suffering from chemical dependency and a concurrent psychiatric disorder. Learn More

Food Addiction Program

Realization Center is experienced in helping clients to successfully stabilize healthy body weight, restore workable eating patterns, identify and address emotional barriers to maintain an abstinent lifestyle. Learn More

DWI/DUI Program

We specializes in the education and treatment of individuals dealing with the aftermath of a DWI/DUI offense.
Learn More

LGBT Program

Realization Center is one of the first outpatient programs in New York City dedicated to enhancing the lives and serving the needs of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communities. Learn More

Veterans Program

A program uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our Veteran community.
Learn More

Orthodox Jewish Program

A program designed to meet the unique needs of the Orthodox Jewish client with substance abuse and/or mental health issues providing appropriate treatment sensitive to religious and cultural concerns. Learn More

Re-Entry Program

Realization Center’s Re-Entry Program is freedom from addictions or emotional issues and the ability to lead a fulfilling peaceful life. Learn More

Chronic Relapse Recovery

Realization Center’s Relapse Recovery Program is to identify the triggers, cues, and compulsions that activate the relapse dynamic Learn More