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Relapse Recovery Program

The goal of treatment at Realization Center’s Relapse Recovery Program is to identify the triggers, cues, and compulsions that activate the relapse dynamic.

The design of our Recovery Relapse Program is based upon the experience that addicted individuals who have completed an inpatient or outpatient course of treatment have:

    * Accepted chemical dependency as a fact
    * Made a commitment to a program of personal recovery
    * Had a period of functional sobriety
    * Returned to chemical use
    * Relapsed due to specific and identifiable unresolved issues
    * Lacked the necessary skills to manage dysfunctional recovery challenges
    * Haven’t developed the skills to cope with a combination of dysfunctional recovery challenges

Treatment at Realization Center is a carefully planned program of recovery designed to address the specific needs of the individual. Relapse prevention is focused on the entire specturm of addiction – from early recovery to dealing with, at the appropriate time, underlying issues (i.e., codependency, ACOA, incest, child abuse, compulsive behavior issues, disorder) – which, when resolved, become a strong support for relapse prevention.

The goal of treatment is freedom from alcohol and all other mood-altering substances. The psychodynamic core of the Realization Center approach to relapse prevention is to undertand that treatment and recovery requires ongoing abstinence and that they Do Not Have Permission to Relapse.

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