Comprehensive Outpatient Addictions Treatment Centers
Union Square: (212) 627-9600
Brooklyn: (718) 342-6700
M - F: 9a - 9p, S: 9a - 2p

Families play a major role at Realization Center. Along with peers and school, families are the program’s partners, and all pull together to put adolescents/ young adults back on the path to healthy physical and emotional development.

Families meet once a week with the adolescent/ young adult in a group setting conducted by trained professionals, family counseling is also available.

Trained professionals work with families to help to establish guidelines for healthy and appropriate communication and interaction. They help to provide families with education about recovery and relapse prevention.

Realization Center assists the family in shifting the focus from the adolescent/ young adult in order to evaluate and accept the family as a system.

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