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The Price You Pay for Undereating

Undereating is never the solution. Hear what Dianne has to say about the addiction and the vicious cycle that it creates. If you or someone you know is suffering from undereating, know that Realization Center is here to help.

Undereating is the food addicts attempt to eat moderately; to have control over eating. It is an illusion. Under-eating is not eating a sufficient amount of food to maintain good nutrition and to maintain health, but so many of us have used it to eliminate the effects of overeating, binging. So undereating never works because there is always a rebound. If you under eat, you starve, and then your appetite gets so big that you can’t control it. So then you’re on the other side of the coin, binging, and then you have to under eat again, restrict again, to not have the consequences of weight. So under-eating never works, there’s always a price that you pay for that and again it’s the price of being out of control with the food.