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Realization Center will be CLOSED on THANKSGIVING (November 28th). We will be OPEN on Friday, November 29th.

Note to all clients: We will be having a Pizza Party/ Gratitude Group on Friday at 12:00 – please sign up at the Front Desk.
We need to have an accurate count of people, so we can order the food.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be with family, friends and to give thanks for all we have, including our SOBRIETY!!
However, the holidays can SEVERELY test our Sobriety.

Some helpful hints on staying sober as they pass around the food (and alcohol):
You do not have to:
Be with Family.
Attend Office or any other parties.

Remember how clever you were at excuses when using. Put this talent to good uses. No party is as important as saving your life.

If you do see family or attend parties, then:
Try to bring a sober friend.
Always have a full glass or water/ soda/ juice in your hand.
Go late and leave early.

Happy Thanksgiving

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