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Saint Patrick's Day

A few words on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day is not a day for drinking or overeating. It’s a day for the celebration of Irish culture, Irish heritage and Irish history.

There are many events that do not focus on drinking. One that we proudly support is SOBER SAINT PATRICK’S DAY.
Tickets are still available. – They have the WONDERFUL music and dancing – I hear some fabulous Irish Step Dancers will be there along with Ms. USA and Irish Soda Bread!!!

Enjoy the day. Enjoy being Irish.

If you are in recovery and feel the urge to drink – call your sponsor, go to a meeting, call your counselor – we are here to help you through this day.

In the words of the WONDERFUL Irish humorist Malachy McCourt (who will be at SOBER SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!):
“A day a time, I don’t drink alcohol.
A day at a time I get at least one laugh.
A day at a time I mention love to those I love.
A day at a time I talk to another alcoholic.
A day at a time I remember I am a
recovering alcoholic, not a recovered one.
A day at a time though not a singer
I sing a song.
A day at a time I keep free of fear
and superstition, religion, shame,
guilt and remorse
A day at a time I live one day at a time.”

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