Comprehensive Outpatient Addictions Treatment Centers
Union Square: (212) 627-9600
Brooklyn: (718) 342-6700
M - F: 9a - 9p, S: 9a - 2p


Marilyn White founded Realization Center 30 years ago to fulfill her dream of helping both the underserved (e.g., chronic relapsers, adolescents, gay and lesbian, HIV positive patients, and those who are dually diagnosed) and the inadequately served addicted population at large. This commitment continues today and can be felt and seen by clients and visitors alike on their first visit to Realization Center.

Marilyn opened the doors of Realization Center with dedication, compassion and commitment. She has worked with thousands of addicts and hundreds of addiction clinicians, MDs, residents, interns and social workers in her 40 years in the field. She has devoted her time, passion and most of her life to acting as both a champion and an advocate for those struggling with issues of addiction.

Marilyn implements her own journey from addiction to recovery in all she does and her priority has always been for every addict in need of help to have access to treatment. She can be found in the Center daily devoted to helping people recover and lead fulfilling, productive lives.

Congratulations to Marilyn for winning the 2013 Caron’s Addiction Professional Award