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Founder Dianne Discusses Conquering Food Addiction

Hear Realization Center Founder Dianne Schwartz discuss conquering her own food addiction and what her personal symptoms were in this video Q & A. For more information, give us a call at 212-627-9600. Help is only a phone call away.

Eating to the point of feeling physically ill, constantly eating certain foods throughout the day. That was the way that my food addiction evidenced itself. Particularly I could hold, I could not eat during the day but yet as the evening came and dinner was approaching, which I was very frightened of because I knew once I started to eat I couldn’t stop, and it would go on and on into the evening, even though I wanted to stop, I couldn’t and I didn’t stop eating until I passed out from the food. It was the worst experience I’ve had for many many years, and every next morning I felt so ashamed and I felt like a fraud. I’m very grateful that it’s no longer a part of my life and I found recovery. I’ve been in recovery for the past twenty years.