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“Am I Codependent?”

1. I often make decision for other but have a terrible time making decisions for myself.

2. I have difficulty forming and maintaining close relationships and have grown to expect, often from experience, people to leave me.

3. I tend to attract people with many problems in hopes that I will help to “fix” them and live happily ever after.

4. I believe I am responsible for other people’s feelings and/or behaviors.

5. I have difficulty identifying my own feelings; my sense of how i “feel” in response to the feelings and/or behaviors of others.

6. I tend to be very critical and judgmental of myself and others.

7. I have difficulty setting goals for myself placing the needs of those around me first.

8. I have low energy from the “struggle” of living.

9. I constantly seek approval and affirmation.

10. I fail to recognize my accomplishments.

11. I fear criticism.

12. I overextend myself.

13. I have problems with my own compulsive behaviors.

14. I have a need for perfection.

15. I am uneasy when my life is going smoothly, continually anticipating problems.

16. I feel more alive in the midst of a crisis.

17. I care for other people easily, yet find it hard to care for myself.

18. I isolate from other people.

19. I respond with fear to authority figures and angry people.

If you answered ‘Yes” to any of these questions, let us help you find freedom from the bondage of codependency … from the bondage of the cravings, obsessions and compulsions that rule you and hurt your life.

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