Comprehensive Outpatient Addictions Treatment Centers
Union Square: (212) 627-9600
Brooklyn: (718) 342-6700
M - F: 9a - 9p, S: 9a - 2p


Your First Phone Call to Realization Center

When you call Realization Center, please ask for the intake department and you will be connected with a trained clinician. We will discuss the program with you in detail answering any and all your questions . This phone call is confidential.

You can either schedule an intake appointment time during this call or this can be an information gathering talk. We do have to get some specific information from you in order to assess your appropriateness for the outpatient program. If you decide you would like to schedule an appointment, we can give you an appointment within 24-48 hours.

Your First Visit to Realization Center

When you come to the Center for your intake: you will complete initial paperwork, meet with an intake counselor, a financial department representative, and begin your intake process. This consists of completing forms for confidentiality purposes and completing a psychosocial assessment.

You will collaborate with the counselor to develop a plan of treatment and a treatment schedule. The complete initial intake process takes approximately 1-2 hours. Intakes are provided 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. (If this time doesn’t work for you – please call us and we will work to help you!) At that time, you will be given a treatment schedule, meet your case manager and begin the program!

If you would like further information sent to you, or better yet, to come visit our Center in person, the phone number is:

Manhattan Location: (212) 627-9600
Brooklyn location: (718) 342-6700.


quote_topYour staff has been extremely generous and helpful towards me.quote_bot

quote_topVery thorough and caring during the intake process.  I did not feel rushed.quote_bot

quote_topSupportive and motivated me to come get the help I need.quote_bot

quote_topEverything was great! Intake Counselor was a pleasure to be around.quote_bot

quote_topIntake Counselor was warm, kind, and very clear in guiding me.  I’m excite about starting this process.quote_bot

quote_topI think it is wonderful and it will help change my life!quote_bot

quote_topWe felt welcomed and cared about – that removed our anxiety.quote_bot

quote_topMy experience was excellent – I was treated respectfully and with compassion.quote_bot

quote_topThe intake process was efficient, professional and friendly.quote_bot

quote_topKeep up the honesty!quote_bot

quote_topEveryone that I saw and took care of me today was amazing!quote_bot

quote_topInstead of being asked question after question … I was allowed to freely share my thoughts which I found to be a very good process.quote_bot

quote_topKind, nurturing and professional!quote_bot

quote_topVery Organized and very good with listening.quote_bot

quote_topYou show you honestly care and are interested in helping us.quote_bot

quote_topI felt respected and treated with dignity.quote_bot

quote_topVery nice and understanding.quote_bot

quote_topMy Intake Counselor was very thorough and pleasant.  I felt very welcomed.
Thank you.quote_bot