Comprehensive Outpatient Addictions Treatment Centers
Union Square: (212) 627-9600
Brooklyn: (718) 342-6700
M - F: 9a - 9p, S: 9a - 2p


Realization Center’s treatment philosophy is based upon the belief that addiction affects the whole person…physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Realization Center is a unique comprehensive, full service outpatient addictions treatment program licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. We offer specialized treament for men’s, women’s and adolescent substance abuse issues, food addiction / eating disorders, co-dependency, gambling, sexual compulsivity, as well as numerous mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, sexual trauma, family of origin issues, domestic violence, anger and stress management, school or job
difficulties, family conflict, parenting difficulties and relationship problems as they relate to substance abuse.


Realization Center is a pioneer in providing the most effective holistic care for people in trouble…with substances… with relationships… with themselves.

In a respectful and dignified, non-institutional setting, a personal course of treatment is developed jointly by the dedicated clinical staff and you, the client. We offer flexible hours, a 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention, onsite 12 Step meetings, over 90 groups per week, individual counseling, and programs for family and loved ones. In an intimate and safe environment with the help of caring professionals, clients are empowered to take charge of their behavior and their lives



Marilyn Marilyn J. White, CASAC, NCAC II Executive Director, CEO The founder, began Realization Center 29 years ago to fulfill her dream of helping both the underserved and the inadequately served addicted population at large. >> more on Marilyn

002Dianne Schwartz, CASAC, CPA Administrative Director, CFO Dianne joined forces with Marilyn White in 1988 to actualize the development and expansion of Realization Center. >> more on Dianne


Pia Marinangeli, Ph.D, LCSW, CASAC Community Relations Director

laura_altmanLaura Altman, LMSW Clinical Social Worker/ Community Relations Rep.


111_Lilliana Aponte-Yap, MD Senior Staff Psychiatrist

Clinical – Union Square

011Michelle Licastro, LMHC, CASAC Clinical Director
146_Marcia Bodenstein, Director of Orthodox Jewish Program
amy_resnick Amy Resnik, MHC, CASAC-T Addictions Counselor
009 Catherine Walsh, MA Co-Coordinator of Adolescent Treatment Services
leonard_fraserLeonard Fraser, LMSW Clinical Social Worker, UR
michelle_morminoMichelle Mormino, CASAC Addictions Counselor
valerie_carrollValerie Carroll, LMSW Clinical Social Worker
Sara Matsuzaka, LMSW
Clinical Social Worker
yvette_cancrynYvette Cancryn, CASAC-T Coordinator of Re-Entry Services
Lisa Martin, LMSW
Intake Supervisor
nicole_bannerNicole Banner, LMSW Intake Counselor
013_Montrose Cozby, MA Intake Counselor
Sarit Krau, MA
Addictions Counselor
Ray Wasserman
Intake Phone Coordinator
057_ Sarah Scott, MA Addictions Counselor
071_Cynthia Hernandez, MA Addictions Counselor
Amir Cekic, CASAC-T
Intake Counselor
Christopher Murphy, MHC
Addictions Counselor
120_James Fleck Addictions Counselor
153_Carolina Schoenborn, CASAC-T Addictions Counselor
Ioana Ionescu, CASAC
Addictions Counselor

Clinical – Brooklyn

106Wilda Molina, CASAC Clinical Director
001_edit Debra Bovian, CASAC Assistant Clinical Director
006 Amy Acaba, MHC Addictions Counselor
083Camille Armando, MHC Addictions Counselor / UR Specialist
022Daniel Torrecilla, LMHC Addictions Counselor
005David Coen, LMHC Coordinator of Young Adult Treatment Services
071Florence Maroney, MHC Coordinator of Re-Entry Services
039Ruby Mehta, LMSW Clinical Social Worker

theresa_jonesTheresa Jones, CASAC Addictions Counselor
003 Aditi Verma, LMHC Intake Supervisor
083_ Julia Rozin, LMHC Intake Supervisor
094_Elena Aristodemou, MA Addictions Counselor
100_Douglas Jones, CASAC-T Addictions Counselor
104_Kiesha Guyton, MSW Addictions Counselor
125_Amber Ali Addictions Counselor
142_Milagros Martinez, CASAC-T Addictions Counselor


Natalia Shatulina Operations Manager
alla_popov  Alla Popov Bookkeeper
011_ Asya Sukiasyan Financial Coordinator
Ana Collado
Financial Intake
141Gyovanny Sabater Financial Intake
018Alina Lev Accounts Receivable
alla_fligelman  Alla Fligelman Accounts Receivable/ Blling Specialist
021Natilya Levrints Accounts Receivable
066_Kimberly Caban OASAS Data Coordinator
112Laura Gottlieb Administrative Assistant
078Kimberly Arroyo Housing Specialist/ Assistant
057Fabia Diaz Assistant
003Emily Starinszki Typist
124Faisal Nahian IT
078_ Aliya Kreisbereg Doctor’s Assistant
032_ Stefanie Legaspi Reception Supervisor
029Janell Mejia Reception
kristelle_hernandezKristelle Hernandez Reception
040Leitza Lightfoot Reception
Mali Souen
023_ Christina Novac Reception
123_ Simone Harvey Reception
Rosa Olivo
Financial Intake
Lucy Leon
Laboratory Technician
028_Cynthia Simmons Medical Records Supervisor
aliyah_tongAliyah Tong Medical Records
061_Ashley Forde Medical Records
055Carmen Fernandez Medical Records
051_editFrancibel Chicon Medical Records
066 Ingrid Gonzalez Medical Records
nathalie_mcdawaldNathalie McDawald Medical Records
060Nicia Aguirre Medical Records
paula_rosePaula Rose Medical Records
020_Vicky Francois Medical Records
diran_jejeDiran Jeje Patient Care Technician
033Quentin Chapman Housekeeping
 043_Yamily Astiaco Housekeeping
 081_Daryl Green Housekeeping