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It is the recognition that we not only have the right to live, but the right to be happy. It is the ability to have a successful work life and satisfying relationships with family members and other loved ones. People who have reached the state of true recovery feel comfortable with their parents and siblings, find that parenting is an attainable skill, not a mish-mash of confusing feelings and responsibilities, and enjoy friendships based on mutual delight and sharing of intimacy, not a pain connection.

True Recovery…means being able to experience all the joy of life without dread or a fear that it will end, and that it’s too good to be true.

Marilyn J. White, CASAC, NCAC
Marilyn J. White, CASAC, NCAC
Marilyn J. White, CASAC, NCAC II, the founder, began Realization Center 29 years ago to fulfill her dream of helping both the underserved (e.g., chronic relapsers, adolescents, gay and lesbian, HIV positive patients, and those who are dually diagnosed) and the inadequately served addicted population at large. This commitment continues today and can be felt and seen by clients and visitors alike on their first visit to Realization Center. We offer specialized treatment for food addiction/eating disorders, co-dependency, gambling, sexual compulsivity, as well as numerous mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, sexual trauma, family or origin issues, domestic violence, relationship, work related difficulties, etc.

Congratulations to Marilyn for winning the 2013 Caron’s Addiction Professional Award

Dianne Schwartz, CASAC, CPA
Dianne Schwartz, CASAC, CPA
Dianne Schwartz, CASAC, CPA joined forces with Marilyn White in 1988 to actualize the development and expansion of Realization Center. Dianne, a CPA in her first career, is now a seasoned clinician specializing in food addiction and developed the food addiction treatment program at the Center. Dianne is committed to providing education to all clients about the nature of food addiction. She believes there is a direct correlation between Food Addiction, Substance Abuse and Dependence and Recovery and Relapse. Both women can be found in the Center daily devoted to helping people recover and lead fulfilling, productive lives.

Congratulations to Dianne for being a presenter at The 45th Annual Addictions Institute -Innovations in Addictions Treatment: Shifting Patterns for Changing Times to be held on June 5th! “Exploring the Real Culprits in Food Addiction – Its Not Broccoli!”

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